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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the whole life. i don't need to buy my ownsh socks. titrate every day like it's a holiday. thank you and uncle. >> thanks to amy, catherine, tyrus, the studio audience. i am greg gutfeld, i love you america. >> hello, i am laura ingle welcome to a brand-new hour. >> good to see you. i am eric, happy news this hour. the story we have been covering, the man of the moment, the political newcomer saying his task is now enormous after he dated right wing a populist. to become the next president of francis. >> in washington, the senate preparing to take up the republican bill to overhaul healthcare. raising the question, how much
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is the original health measure will survive. >> eric: president trumps travel ban. we'll look back for to appeal courts. the legal battle possibly making its way to the supreme court. america's news headquarters it starts right now. >> laura: we begin with the newcomer taking power in france, winning that countries the presidential election, beating marine le pen. a victory giving a shot in the arm to the are peeing union and delivering a blow to the populace forces that have been sweeping the western world. >> it was a rough and divisive campaign. with protests breaking out against le pen and her views on the european union. even as she can feet seated defeat her platform is still to be reckoned with in france. and she said she will return in five years to to determine the french presidency we have been
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covering the election all day and now it is just past midnight in paris and the celebrations are continuing. >> absolutely. it was indeed a clear-cut victory for the independent will and a defeat to the far right candidate, marine le pen. just a short while ago we watched the event in front of the museum and le pen was shouting out. most of the boats have counted and about 65% of the votes, le pen came in with 35%. the voting going for the 39 candidate, pro- european union, pro- nato, promising a program of reform. however he is the youngest president in the first independent president to win power in modern political history in france. le pen nationalist, it play pretty well in certain parts of
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the country. especially those hard-hit by the stagnant economy. there is a hard-line about security and it resounded well in a country that has been hit by terror attacks several times in the past couple of years. concerns about her polarizing rhetoric one the day for other voters who decided to vote against her. here are some words of from emmanuel macron and penn tonight. >> i know the division of our election but to some extreme votes. i respect these. i know the anger, the anxiety, the doubts that part of you have expressed. it is my responsibility to hear these. >> i called mr. event because i have a superior interest of the country i wish him success. >> and conciliatory words on both sides today.
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there are big divisions here. they showed up in the voting today, voting turnout was lower than usual. also the extensions were higher. people brought a blank ballot into the voting station and put it into the ballot box. remember, the candidates from the two main parties were knocked off in the first part of the election. people were not happy with these two outsiders. finally, president trump tweeting his congratulations the two emmanuel macron saying that he congratulated him for the victory and he promised to work with him. france is a key i live for the united states. strategically and economically. emmanuel macron has a tough job ahead of them. >> eric: we will be covering the impact of the election in his when throughout the hour. >> laura: as the healthcare battle moves to the senate, president trump urging republicans to quote not let the
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american people down. mr. trump say in the current system is failing as insurance pull out of markets, forcing cost and deductibles up. brian who is the following president trump in new jersey joins us with the latest. it's good to see you. what is the president saying about the uphill battle his abilities is in congress? >> the president's message to the senate's, get it done. find a way. the white house has said that the president took a big involvement in the latest round of healthcare bill through the house. making phone calls. again, that is what is expected to do as the bill makes its way through the senate. the presidency chief of staff, reince priebus talked to chris wallace earlier and expressed optimism. he downplayed the notion that the healthcare bill may lead to republicans being voted out in 2018. already we have seen some negative backlash at town halls
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for time read, republicans the past by the slimmest of margins. they needed 260 votes and got 217. republicans will be ometimes ino do what is right. now what is politically expedient. we believe it will be a better product. by the time people see that premiums are lower, better service, more options and choices, they will reward the republicans that stood up and said, we're not going to see the obama care system which is feeling and collapsing, continue any longer. >> just as the president worked with house leader, paul ryan, we can expect them to work with the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell to work through the senate vocal opposition from republicans that have expressed concerned with the bill. >> we also believe that it is up to the senate if there improvements to be made, to make those improvements. i talk to six out of 12 members of that senate committee
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yesterday, the working group, including leader mcconnell and others. everyone is excited and ready to go to work and take the time necessary to look at the bill, make improvements where they need to be made, and then the bill will be brought back for conference. >> the question is, what will the improvements look like. will the house republicans approve them? >> laura: tomorrow's a big day. what can you tell us about congressional testimony involving michael flynn? this will be very important. >> sally yates was a u.s. attorney under the department of justice under the obama administration. she was the acting attorney general in the first ten days a president trumps term before she was fired. she will be testifying to congress about russia tomorrow. yates says she worked at the white house back in january that she feared national security advisor, michael flynn was compromised, i and vulnerable to blackmail after he had conversations with russians.
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flynn was later fired in the president tweeted today voicing the frustration at six months after the election, russia continues to be a topic of conversation. tweeting quote when will fake media ask about the dems dealings with russia and why the dnc would not allow the fbi to check their server or investigate? the president is expecting to leave in bedminster for the white house later this evening. >> laura: you have the best life shot location in town. thank you so much. >> eric: as for the healthcare bill, senators are expressing concerns. they plan to make major changes in the house bill. when the house it's the upper chamber this week. others are criticizing house republicans for what they say was rushing the proposal that they think will hurt americans. reince priebus says he believed the bill will do the opposite. >> we believe it will be a
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better product. by the time people see that the premiums are lower, it's a better service, more options, more choices, they will reward the republicans that stood up and said, we were not going to see the obama care system which is feeling and collapsing, continue any longer. we're going to do something better. >> eric: garrett is live in washington with the latest. what is the senate expected to do? >> senators from both sides of the all said they essentially plan to start from scratch with their own health care plan. more than likely, this new plan will include some parts of the house plan. it's also possible it could look entirely different. that is what senate democrats are hoping for, including diane feinstein who said the current bill is so complicated she is having a hard time reading it. >> it has no score. it is probably one of the biggest bills that the senate will ever consider. we do not know its breath and depth is analyzed professionally.
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we don't know it's cost as analyze professionally. there are a lot of major changes which are going to have a dramatic impact on the healthcare marketplace, which is now one fifth of the economy. >> on abc this week, paul ryan said this entire healthcare system is currently at risk thanks to obama care. he argued there would be a major crisis it republicans did nothing and stood by. >> it's collapsing. you cannot get health insurance in these places. whether he of a pre-existing condition or not. what we're trying to do here, george, is step in front of the collapsing law and make sure we can have a system that works. a system with choice, competition and affordable premiums. >> as we have seen, the healthcare is a tall order. that is the goal for the gop in senate. >> eric: meanwhile, is there any timeline? do we know when they will have something to vote on?
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>> the senate is just now starting to get a chance to look through the house bill. mitch mcconnell has said they plan to take their time with this. we are likely talking months not weeks. they're still parliamentary steps that need to happen, especially for the bill to be passed using reconciliation. a lot of the gop to pass it with a simple majority of 51 rather than 60. >> eric: so the debate and negotiations will now begin. thank you. >> laura: president trumps travel ban gets his day in court starting this week with two u.s. appeals court said to consider if the ban is constitutional. the battle could make its way to the supreme court where new trump appointing, neil gorsuch, could be the deciding vote. allison has more and what we could expect from the court. >> judges in richmond, virginia are set to hear arguments on president trumps controversial immigration order that will stop
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travel from six predominantly muslim nations. the fourth circuit u.s. court of appeals will decide of trumps travel ban violates the constitution. specifically religion clauses of the first amendment and due process clauses of the fifth. the administration argues that it does not. they say it doesn't harm anyone because it only applies to foreign nationals, people outside of the country without current visas. in a statement, john kelly defended it like this, unregulated, abetted travel is not a universal privilege, especially when national security is at stake. >> opponent say this is nothing more than a targeted religious band, violating the first amendment. the arguments will play out in court tomorrow afternoon. when the president took office he issued a travel ban almost immediately. as quickly as he signed the executive order, protest camper from los angeles, chicago, to new york. then, the courts got involved in the administration issued a revised travel order.
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that second order is what sets issue now. the president has authority when it comes to immigration and a big reason for that is, law passed in 1952. the immigration and nationality act. tomorrow morning will test that power. the fourth circuit is not the only court looking at this. the ninth circuit court of appeals in california, is looking at similar challenges. the hearing is set to begin next week. the two courts come up with the different rulings, legal experts say this will likely had to the supreme court. >> laura: thank you so much. >> eric: after three years they were held captive by the radical islamic terrorist in africa. now dozens of schoolgirls have been set free. eighty-two of the nearly 300 girls were kidnapped from northeastern nigeria in april 2014, remember that? by boko haram. they arrived in the capital today, free. they are being released for five
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a boko haram commanders. it was a deal mediated by the international committee of the red cross. >> we have waited for this stay very long. they will need a lot of support from their families and from their communities to reintegrate into the society. >> you might remember the mass abduction, bring back our girls switch former first lady, michelle obama help optimize three years ago. >> laura: a decisive victory for the new president of france. they too winning emmanuel macron won the election without having experience. will that help him or harm him for working with the rest of the world, especially the u.s.? i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating.
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>> france today selecting its new president in a runoff election, seen as a test for the populism that has been sweeping the u.s., britain, and europe. french president-elect, emmanuel micron has never held an elected see. something he hasn't common with donald trump.
3:19 pm
he looks for to working with a new french leader. and now the new u.s. french relations, and president of the white house correspondents association. glad you're here with us today. >> it's nice to be with you. i want to start with the president's tweet which echoes what reince priebus has said about the election before we got the results. that mr. trump would work with either candidate, still all he never endorsed one of the other he did make complementary remarks about le pen. what we think now? >> it's interesting what you said about there being similarities between trump and micron. that's true in regards to their political experience. there is ideological similarities between trump and marie le pen. though the white house was careful to say that he was not endorsing the populist methods
3:20 pm
that they both had in the respected campaign is a similarity that no doubt he would enjoy having at a mug of raigoverning level if le pen had gone that far. it was a very resounding victory for her opponent. she made headway, nonetheless for her party. >> laura: absolutely. another comparison, people have been comparing the french election to the recent u.s. election. hacking, alleged interference with russia. how do you compare and contrast the two? >> i think those are very good examples. the fact that hacking was an issue in another major democratic election like france, just as it was in the u.s. election is very concerning an interesting. the fact that populism played a big role even though the outcome was different in this case shows the strength of that movement is somewhat call it, personally that theme worldwide. we have seen that in the last year with president trumps election and with the brexit to vote as well. that is not the result that happened in france, the fact that there was a so much support
3:21 pm
for le pen even though she did not win is another example of the similarities. >> laura: with france being a key ally and moving forward, president-elect macron and president trump has similar ground together. they are both considered outsiders. how do you predict he will work with french parliament? >> the parliament piece for the new presidents will be huge depending on whether not he is able to secure a majority for his party. we'll find out about that fairly soon. in terms of how france and the u.s. work together under the new president, surly president trump tweeting his congratulations and working with him means a lot. they have very big ideological differences about your. although president trump is beginning to move in the direction of understanding the importance of a strong nato, which he has reaffirmed his view of despite some of his commentary during the campaign.
3:22 pm
the question of the role of the european union which was really at the heart of the election in france, they have differences there. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. >> laura: fighting terrorism continues to be a top priority for both nations. it's an important time o in the planet. how do you think macron will work with president trump on this given his stance on immigration and border patrol? >> i have differences on immigration and border control. they are committed to the alliance which is nato, president trump has made a point to say that nato needs to be involved in the fight against terrorism. the fact that they both support the alliance and as i said earlier, president trump has had to come around to that, but he has. this will be something they will agree on and will be useful in the fight against islamic state and other groups like that. >> laura: i am just curious, were you surprised with today's election result? >> the polls had show that he would win.
3:23 pm
but he won by a much larger margin that the polls were showing. in that sense it is a surprise. i don't think it's a surprise that he was the ultimate victor. >> laura: thank you so much for being here today. great to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> eric: he's 39. -- is 64, he met when she was his high school drama teacher and now he's the next president of france. that is part of a remarkable story of emmanuel macron. the challenge ahead of them is great. we look at the center of the pyramids where he made the speech accepting the presidency of the republic. coming up, we'll look at what that means to the u.s., nato, and world security. g new cars.
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>> laura: more now on our topst. voters in france putting their faith in emmanuel macron as he winds that presidential election by a wide margin. his supporters is celebrating over marie le pen. were live in the middle of it all. >> it is all winding down now, as you can see where at the louvre, this is the center point from the speech tonight. he came out victorious. thousands of people point to this part to express their joy singing and popping champagne. and thank goodness it's a holiday tomorrow. a lot of people have headaches. a lot of people have said to me is not so much is celebrating,
3:29 pm
spent a difficult battle for this position of french presidents in the country no doubt has been divided. the anti- immigration and anti- e.u. points of le pen and the more centrist liberal views of macron. in the end it wasn't a close race. it was always known he was going to be the paper going in. he literally crushed le pen in the end. the question is, where does he go from here. do not forget we have legislative election coming up next month. it will be difficult for him to form a coalition government and get the policies through that he would like. what is the mood on the street. it's one of celebration, certainly here where we are at the louvre tonight. there's also division in bad and ill tempered feelings that need to be perhaps sold before this country moves forward. a lot of celebrations and honking of lawrence tonight. >> is certainly look like a lot of fun there with people celebrating. i'm curious about the other side.
3:30 pm
you mentioned that of all there are less of those people out there, have you seen any problems or protests? we have seen that here in the u.s. >> it's interesting, we were expecting more protest, but that doesn't mean to say that will not happen. there is been a group of capitalist to had problems and the police used tear gas to take care of that. that understands it's a protest at a public square tomorrow. as many as 6000 people. and like either candidate we do have a winner but is certainly not to everybody's liking. they will have to move forward with emmanuel macron. >> laura: thank you so much. have a good night. >> eric: france is our oldest ally. now the future is in the hands of its youngest president. so what does that witting mean
3:31 pm
for us, the european union, putin and the french people. they been suffering under a sluggish economy. can he deliver for them? robert is at the heritage found foundation. let's talk about what happened. is this a real setback for the populist national movement, considering she more than doubled her support from the past. she bows to return in five years at the end of his term. >> i think you have to say it's around 11 million votes for le pen, the highest amount of extension in about 50 years in the selection. while it is a blow for le pen and for whatever the strange politics she represents, it takes in certain parts of the far left and right. you also have to say they're clear, structural problems in france and you need an antiestablishment can gain traction. so i think there throughout the deal in the future. >> how important is it with the putin?
3:32 pm
she was with him two months ago. the national front had a big load from the russian bank. she supported the invasion of crimea. what are they thinking of the kremlin? >> i'm sure putin must be disappointed. as you mentioned, le pen took loans from russia, there's a great deal of sympathy towards russia and her public statements. anti- nato point of view. a very pro- iran statements as well. when russia working with iran closely. i think russia must be disappointed tonight. i certainly hope so. >> from the e.u. perspective, it strengthens then and the western alliance. what about the french people themselves? we talk about the structure france, they have a 10% unemployment rate. a social structure of retirement and lavish pension benefits and he's promised economic reform. can he achieve that?
3:33 pm
>> he has to. france has major economic problems. we refer to the unemployment and you thought implement very high. the security situation is palmer's. the amount of attacks that take place is hugely alarming. there are many challenges ahead for france. i agree with your correspondent from paris. i think this was an anti- le pen, pro- macron boats. >> it what would you advise him to do first? >> the security situation seems to be the major wrong. the terrorist attacks i get through france's totally alarming. there's constant attacks and i think they really have to begin to crackdown on the islamic networks operating the. the jihadists who are plotting attacks i think it is something france needs to deal with
3:34 pm
quickly. >> le pen needs to be stronger than that, macron talked about stepping up the efforts, is there way to deal with that and address the french culture? unlike here, some say some foreigners are not assimilated. they're not treated as well as other people under our country. it really is a structural issue in french society. >> don't get me wrong, i think this is a problem that transcends anyone administration. the case across europe the battle of jihadists and is generational, but i think francis got a particular problem and i would encourage you to look at a the amount that takes place in prison which is way worse in france and other comparable democracies. these range of challenges and macron has to deal with it. if he doesn't then you always have this appeal from radical outside where antiestablishment
3:35 pm
that promises more drastic action. >> eric: were looking at a live video after midnight and it is gorgeous. how does the society, as you just say coexist? why have they been so seemingly soft it on his islamic radical terrorism? why have they been able to flourish in the prisons? >> i think a lot of it is historical. you have to go back to the 1990s. before 9/11 western had a poor understanding of what it represented of how dangerous these networks taking place domestically were. that was truly the case in the u.k. as well as france. and i think you are living with the legacy of that now. french citizens go forward and went to afghanistan and iraq. they were not really understanding of the thread a post for the west, more broadly.
3:36 pm
we are now living with the consequences of not cracking down on islamic terrorism. >> eric: there so open and they gave ayatollah sanctuary and refuge. >> yes, the legacy of this is very damaging. that's why that's a strange thing about le pen. the pro-iranian viewpoint. i think politics in france is nothing unpredictable. the selection has been unpredictable and whether macron can do it needs to be done to make the reforms needed in france to improve the situation, i think it is doubtful.
3:37 pm
i do not think we have had the last of the populist movement. >> and family, what you expect? >> president trump has treated out congratulatory message today. i think president trump will want to work with macron and france is an old ally. it's a member of nato, on the security council. nuclear power and large economy. the plants in the u.s. need to be working together on a range of issues of mutual interest. >> those are the challenges before us. it's good to see you. >> laura: washington is on high alert after north korea detains another american. that makes for u.s. citizens that we know of being held captive by the machine. plus, chicago police make an arrest in a drive-by shooting that one to two officers. details ahead on america's news headquarters. >> being a police officer is not easy and being a police officer is an example of how difficult and dangerous this job can be. r to help support regularity. mmm. these are good. nice work, phillips'! try phillips' fiber good gummies!
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3:42 pm
relation to a shooting targeted on their own. they believe angel gomez drove a vehicle while somebody else fired a high-powered assault weapon at an undercover police van. that wounded two officers. he faces two counts of attempted murder. the police superintendent said the van was riddled with bullet holes and shows how brazen the gunman can be. >> we have to absolutely do something about the gun violence. if these individuals, these maniacs will shoot at the police like that, do they think they care about shooting at average citizens in the city? >> both officers have been released from the hospital and thankfully they are okay. >> laura: amid rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea, the world regime has detained another american citizen. the state department said the man work for the university of
3:43 pm
science and technology and is being held for quote acts of hostility aimed at overthrowing the country. the number of americans that we know of held captive, 24. joining us now, u.s. retired army lieutenant, a special forces officer. good to have you on the program we want to start with a general question. is this the same's type of rattling that we have seen from king john boone and his father before him, and we have more cause for concern. it's all very concerning. >> it certainly is, this is the we got calm hostages or human shields. anybody considering, to travel to north korea, don't go. our state department has had a warning on the website for three months they do not go to north korea. you stand a chance to be taken
3:44 pm
or detained. these are human shield hostages, does show that the north korean regime is struggling. they know that we have engaged with china and i believe they feel the pressure. this is also just a way for them to put the pressure back on us. we are not going to negotiate and we never will. >> we look at what's happening in the world. the kim jung-un has been defiant with china, is only sponsor in the world. is this for show? what you think is going on in the u.s. take advantage of any of this. >> as a matter fact president trump recently tweeted about the chinese president being dishonored by north korean actions. so the engagement we are showing is putting in will put more pressure north korea. they have only words to use against china. china buys coal from north korea which they have stop by and for
3:45 pm
the year, so north korea can really inflect petty insults from their state run news organization back in china. there is nothing really that north korea can do to her china right now. >> as we look at this, another citizen serving 15 year prison term and hard labor. you look at that, you mentioned, don't go there. we do have citizens there. how do we protect our citizens? >> some of these people are missionaries. they know that they are serving a cause greater than themselves. they go to some of the most crisis ridden areas of the world. at some level there is a risk of acceptance before they go. even our citizens there now, we're not going to negotiate for their release overtly. there could be a day, though, when china's starts by north korean call again. as part of that, the americans are released. there are three dimensional
3:46 pm
chest being played at levels we cannot understand right now between u.s. and china that may lead to this. we may see china deeply involved in the negotiation to get these were americans released someday. >> as we look at the overall picture, the missile nuclear test, how can we get a handle on this? every day americans watch the news and see this happening. we just wonder how is this going to be reined in? is a possible, what can be done? >> diplomacy, information, military force that requires an economic sanctions, all elements of national power i just mentioned, we are applying them in ways we have not done in many years. with an ally, china, that really has not stepped up to help us in many years. so, it is one of the most priceless and dangerous areas of the world. someday so central threat to the
3:47 pm
united states. everybody needs to sit tight and let our country work with china and south korea and other allies. the united nations went to war against north korea in 1950. it could happen again. north korea doesn't stand a chance but we do wanted to get to that. >> laura: is that where you would be going with that if you had a choice? >> one thing our president, he understands the application of ego in dealing with other leaders around the world. so, he is actually made a very veiled outreach to kim jung-un. i want to see him potentially make open-ended statements about the dictator and see how that goes gorbachev so we need to let all the areas play out and see what happens. >> laura: thanks for being here. were glad to have you. thank you.
3:48 pm
>> eric: meanwhile, president trumps son-in-law and advisor, jared kushner has led to a new controversy in washington. because of his sister, some chinese investors, and a controversial that only people with really big bucks can get.
3:49 pm
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>> eric: artifacts from the tomb of king tut, the ruler who ruled egypt will soon get a new home. experts are meeting in cairo to discuss how to safely transport his throne, chest, and bed from the egyptian museum where they are now in central cairo to a new museum which happens to be on the other side of the city. if you know how hard it is to move firsthand, imagine moving all of king tut's stuff. >> laura: tens of thousands of germans evacuating their homes due to a threat out of the history book. five world war ii bombs were discovered in a construction site. at the town of hanover. everyone within a half mile radius, nearly 50000 people forced out of their home in the dense residential area. that happens in germany were dropped hundreds of thousands of
3:53 pm
bombs. three people were killed trying to defuse one bob. >> here at home the trump administration is facing new questions about a possible conflict of interest. this one involving the son-in-law and advisor, jared kushner's family. this after jared's sister solicited money from wealthy foreign investors for luxury developments in the u.s. with the prospect then receiving u.s. visas in return. we are live in with the details. what is this about? >> jerry kershner has repeatedly said that he has stepped away from the running of his family's real estate company since he became senior advisor to his father-in-law, president trump. his sister is apparently highlighting her ties to mr. kushner, as she seeks investment for housing development in new jersey. nicole myers jared kushner's sister's name. she is in beijing, china looking
3:54 pm
to raise $150 million for the development of what is called one journal square. advertises chinese investors as the latest offering from quote, the stark christian or real estate family, including two towers with nearly 1500 luxury apartments. they have been telling potential investors the project means a lot to her and her entire family. pointing out her brothers work for christian or real estate, now the white house. critics are concerned that ms. myers quoting investors with the controversy ez five federal the z program. this provides foreign investors with a potential path to u.s. citizenship in exchange for minimal investments of $500,000 in american development projects. there has been accusation of fraud and misuse of funds and u.s. lawmakers has been considering changes to the system. it is currently extended to the end of september.
3:55 pm
the associated press says it received a statement from the personal counsel reiterating that krisher has no involvement in the operating of krisher companies and adding quote as previously stated he would recuse her from particular matters concerning the eb-5 visa program. they have refuse comments. we should point out, no legal wrongdoing by anyone is being alleged. it is an example of the tangled web that has been woven for the extended trump family as a result of donald trump winning the white house. >> eric: thank you. >> laura: florida authorities using resources to catch a suspect in stripes. it was not one of the usual suspects. of the wild adventure officers went through to round up the sky, next.
3:56 pm
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rounding up and unusual suspect. the zebra had escaped from a family that runs a circus. the animal was returned to the owners but not before causing a minor accident on the road.
4:00 pm
the zebra and the driver are expected to be okay. can you imagine seeing a zebra in the neighborhood. >> that does it for us. the fox report is up next. thank you for spending time with us on this sunday. have a good night. >> what just happened in europe could affect us here in america. france has a new president. he is a pro- european political newcomer. the woman known for promising france first nationalism have lost. this election date drew worldwide attention. would france accept the european union just like britain. would we see a french version of brexit? not for now. a populace and former banker has


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